We Help Solar Businesses Book Qualified Commercial Appointments

100% Performance Based

Our Service is simple

1. Find

Discovering suitable businesses
and decision makers

  • Select industries you're interested in targeting

  • Detect businesses that match your needs

  • Scrape decision makers such as Owners, CEOs, etc.

2. Reach Out

Contact them at scale via personalized cold emails

  • Setup your email accounts

  • Draft highly personalized cold email sequences

  • Conduct split-tests & double down on best industry with most engaging copy

4. Book

Get them into your pipeline

  • Add leads to your CRM

  • Check how to setup appointment (video call / in person

  • Book them on an appointment with you

3. Engage

No lost potential clients

  • Ensure interested leads match your qualification criteria

  • Request their energy bill

  • Manually engage with them in case of a specific request

We book you commercial appointments using a simple 4-step system

Performance Based

We charge per appointment,

so your risk is zero

About Us

As the founder of EL Digital, a Swiss-based lead generation agency, I understand the challenge of securing new clients. And the hassle of dealing with unqualified prospects!

Therefore we value quality over quantity and specialize in booking qualified commercial appointments.

Our 4-step email lead generation strategy targets businesses that are ideal for your solar projects, ensuring you get pre-qualified, appointment-ready commercial leads.

To your success,

Elia Leemann
Founder | EL Digital

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